How much will a petrochemicals company charge you for oil and gas exploration and development?

Oil and gas companies are selling exploration and production rights to oil companies for as much as $2,500 a barrel, according to the latest price estimates from the American Petroleum Institute.The estimates, based on the company’s latest price list, are the highest since BP’s price index was first published in 2005.The oil and natural gas companies also are getting more […]

Petrochemical firm to be shut down in US after US regulators reject its controversial plan to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Petrochemistry giant Kolmar PetroChemics has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States.Kolmar has said it will shut down operations in the US and Mexico after regulators rejected its proposed carbon dioxide-emitting pipeline.The company said in a filing that it had failed to meet conditions that would have kept it solvent in the event of an emergency.Kolor was one of […]

How to use a carbon monoxide detector to monitor methane emissions from petro chemical plants

Petrochemical emissions of carbon monane have surged in recent years.While a recent government report revealed that petro chemicals are the biggest polluter in the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the rise in emissions from the chemical industry is a big problem for the US.While the US produces around 90% of the world’s petro-chemicals (petrochem) the nation’s emissions are […]

When you buy a house in Dubai: Buyer beware

Dubai is an interesting place to live.In this article, we’ll look at the challenges of buying a home in the emirate.Dubai has a population of just over 3 million and a median home price of about $1.3 million.But this is still a lot of money.According to the latest data from the Bureau of Economic and Social Research, Dubai’s median home […]

Petrochem inspections: How much are you paying your workers?

Petrochem inspections are taking place across India and the country is bracing for a wave of job losses.Petrochem, India’s biggest petrochemical company, is facing an inspection season in which it could lose more than 20,000 jobs if the government does not increase the minimum wage to Rs 20 per day.According to an estimate by a think tank, about 20,500 people […]

When India and UAE jointly import petrochemical products

Dubai’s petro-chemical hub has become a global hub for the country’s petrodollars, and its petro companies are getting more and more interested in buying up petro chemicals from India.The UAE has become an increasingly important market for petro producers in the Middle East and Africa, and Dubai has become the second-largest petro producer in the UAE, according to data from […]

How to renounce petrochemical dubai

The Gulf of Oman is one of the few places in the world that still imports petro chemicals.This year alone, it imported 1,100 tons of chemicals worth $2.6 billion.The region, which is rich in crude oil and natural gas, also produces a large amount of natural gas.But when it comes to renouncing petro chemical dubai — a region in Saudi […]

Petrochemical plant to use ‘highly toxic’ liquid for petro chemical production

Petrochemical plants are being ordered to use a liquid containing cyanide to produce petro chemicals, as a precaution after an incident last week at a Petrolia plant in Brazil.A report from the Brazilian National Institute of Environment and the Environment (INEA) said cyanide, a highly toxic chemical, was used for production at the Petrolias plant, which is located in the […]


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