Petrochemical plant to use ‘highly toxic’ liquid for petro chemical production

Petrochemical plant to use ‘highly toxic’ liquid for petro chemical production

Petrochemical plants are being ordered to use a liquid containing cyanide to produce petro chemicals, as a precaution after an incident last week at a Petrolia plant in Brazil.

A report from the Brazilian National Institute of Environment and the Environment (INEA) said cyanide, a highly toxic chemical, was used for production at the Petrolias plant, which is located in the state of Parana state.

The chemical was used to make the liquid, which was supposed to be used for “other industrial purposes,” the report said.

The use of the liquid is not banned, but it is strictly forbidden to use it on animals or people.

Petrochemical companies are often used to create products for consumers, such as shampoo, soaps and body wash.

A 2014 report by the European Union’s Directorate General for the Environment warned that a chemical such as cyanide could cause a wide range of health problems in humans.

The chemicals used in petro-chemical plants also have a long history of causing health problems, including respiratory problems, heart attacks and strokes.


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