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How to buy petrochemical products at petrol station in Egypt

How to buy petrochemical products at petrol station in Egypt

A petrol station near Cairo, Egypt has been caught selling petrohydrogen fertilizers for hundreds of dollars.

Petrochemics Limited has been trading in petrohubs and other similar locations since late last year, and is the largest producer of petro chemicals in Egypt, with over 1,300 chemical companies.

Petrol stations in the Egyptian capital of Cairo have been known to be selling fertilizers at inflated prices for over a year.

Petroleum company Petrochemies Limited is one of the biggest petro chemical producers in Egypt and a large competitor to US petro companies, including BASF, which recently announced it would be buying some of its petro products.

A local petrol station chain owner told Al Jazeera that the sale of petros has been happening for months, adding that the price of fertilizers is now too high.

“It has been selling petros for more than $500 for months,” the owner said.

The owner added that the petro fertilizers were not even for human consumption.

Petros were initially introduced into Egypt in the 1970s as a cheaper alternative to fertilizers, but have since become the mainstay of Egyptian life.

“There is a lot of demand for petros, but it is too expensive for the average Egyptian,” he said.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi recently signed an order to boost the supply of petrogens in the country, but some petrol stations are still selling fertilizer for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per kilogram.

“We have sold more than 100 tonnes of petrodens so far, and we plan to sell more,” a petrol station manager said.

A spokesman for the company told Al-Jazeera that the fertilizers are for human use and that the company will sell the fertilizer to all local customers, even those who do not want it.

“The company is doing everything possible to increase the production of petrogen,” the spokesman said.


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