How to Make a Polystyrene Fabric that’s 100% Water-Treated

TechCrunch article We have been experimenting with polystyrene fabric for some time now, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve made our first fabric that is 100% water-treated.It’s a great product for manufacturing and for industrial use, but there’s a lot more to this fabric than meets the eye.The polystyrenes used in our fabric are made from a polymer that’s […]

Which chemicals to avoid and how to avoid them

More than 40 chemicals are in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s petrochemicals handbook that are known to be toxic.But the list is getting longer, and some of the chemicals have been around for decades, so it’s not easy to keep track of the latest and greatest in a single document.Here’s a roundup of the best chemicals to be avoided […]

Russian-made chemicals found in Crimea

By Caroline February 27, 2019 12:15:59Russian-made chemical agents used in the annexation of Crimea have been found in the region, the U.S. Embassy said on Friday.Ukraine and Western powers are seeking to bring the peninsula back under Russian control, as it was under Moscow before it joined the EU in 2014.The U.N. Security Council last month approved the draft […]

The future of coal in Europe

By David LebowitzThe following article first appeared on Next Big Futures.A new report from the US-based Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that, on average, the US will have enough coal in its energy mix to power nearly all of Europe’s population in 2050.In the US, that means we will have nearly twice as much coal as we did in 2010.The […]

Petrochemical driver, chemical operator share stories of ‘incredible’ work days

In this video, you can watch two petrochemicals drivers from a petro chemical company explain how they manage their schedule and time to complete projects.Petrochemical Driver:Daryl DankerThe petro chemicals driver in the video was working 12-hour shifts on a daily basis and needed to complete one or more projects a day.Daryl explained that his work schedule would consist of a […]

The Future of the Petrochemical Industry Is Coming Home to Petrol and Petrol Products

Petrol has a long history in the petrochemicals industry.┬áBut with the rise of electric vehicles and a new era of cleaner energy, a shift to gasoline is coming.Petrol, which has been the world’s most popular petroleum product for nearly a century, is slowly being overtaken by diesel and gasoline in the fuel supply chain, according to the International Energy Agency.┬áThe […]

How to spot the difference between petro chemical plant photos and petro chemicals

UAE, United Arab Emirates (UAE) (AP) The world’s most-expensive petro-chemical plant, Abu Dhabi’s Petrochem, is being built to produce petro lubricants at an estimated cost of more than $4 billion, according to a Gulf News report.The Abu Dhabi Petroleum Corporation said on Wednesday that the facility would begin production of petrofluid by early 2019.The project was funded by Saudi Arabia […]

Which Petrochemical Company Inspectors are currently under investigation?

The Petrochemical Inspection and Enforcement Council (PIEEC) is the main watchdog for Petrochem in India.They inspect about 2,500 companies, with over 30,000 products on sale in India alone.The PIEEC reports to the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the Cabinet.According to reports, the probe into Petrochemical in India is ongoing and it has been in the spotlight ever since the […]