Petrochemical inspection: Are petrochemical inspections necessary?

Posted October 03, 2018 12:27:08Petrochemically inspected vehicles, equipment and containers are subject to stricter inspection requirements than their non-petrochemical counterparts, and it is possible to find violations of these regulations that could affect a vehicle’s driving record and driving privileges.There are two types of inspection requirements: standard and specialized.The standard inspection requirement applies to a vehicle when the inspection is […]

How to buy petro chemicals on eBay

Petrochemicals, a chemical company that makes chemicals for the petro industry, has lost its US$9 billion market share and is facing an impending bankruptcy. Petrochemics chief executive officer and former Goldman Sachs trader William Full told Reuters news agency that the company was about to go under, and that it was too soon to comment further.Petrochemical stocks have dropped in the […]

What is petro chemicals?

article A quick glance at the top 50 petro chemical journals reveals that there are nearly a dozen that offer articles and discussions on a variety of topics.Most of these are focused on chemicals that have been found to be useful in human health and medicine.These chemicals include the most common ones, like sodium hypochlorite and methylparaben, as well as […]

How to Choose Your Petrochemical Source National Geographic

Petrochemists in China are getting a little less excited about their petro chemical futures.The nation’s largest petro chemicals refinery in Honam, a major producer of petroleum-based products, is set to close in the next two years.It will shut down on Nov. 30, after a lengthy, three-year process that included the approval of several new projects, the refinery’s website said.The closure, […]

How to spot petro chemical projects

A petro company’s latest venture into the petro industry will likely lead to a flood of chemicals being added to a global supply chain.The new petrodiesel plant in Boubyan, near the capital city of Abu Dhabi, is expected to create a number of jobs, with the majority of the new jobs expected to come from construction and maintenance jobs.Petrochemical giant […]

How to buy petrochemical products at petrol station in Egypt

A petrol station near Cairo, Egypt has been caught selling petrohydrogen fertilizers for hundreds of dollars.Petrochemics Limited has been trading in petrohubs and other similar locations since late last year, and is the largest producer of petro chemicals in Egypt, with over 1,300 chemical companies.Petrol stations in the Egyptian capital of Cairo have been known to be selling fertilizers at […]

How to be a petrochemist in Israel

By Sarah Leah Whitson Petrochemical chemists make their living from the chemical processing of petroleum products, as well as in other fields.They do not typically do work that directly affects people, such as building houses.A typical career at a petrosurgical company involves working with a chemical engineer to design and develop new products, and they usually also work on product […]

UK-China gas pipeline deal will cost UK £11.2bn, but will have negative impact on UK industry

FourFourThree A deal between China’s PetroChina and the UK’s National Grid to import petro-chemical and cement from a Chinese firm will cost Britain £11bn and the industry is already feeling the pinch, according to a report.China’s Petro-China has agreed to supply the UK with a 50 per cent share of its cement supply, which will be sold to China’s state-owned […]

Which countries are investing in clean energy?

An article in the Indian Express (in Hindi) on Tuesday, titled Which countries invest in clean technologies?, asked: Which countries, if any, invest in the clean technologies that will make their cities and towns greener?The answer is India, with some notable exceptions.According to a Google News query, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is about $16,000, and the country […]


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