How to deal with petro chemical waste and petro chemicals in your backyard

By David Weigel, The Washington TimesWashington (CNN) It’s been the biggest challenge for homeowners in rural areas to clean up their own petro waste.The American Petroleum Institute and other major petro-chemical companies have spent millions of dollars lobbying against the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule requiring that petro and chemical waste be treated at least as seriously as hazardous waste.They […]

How to stop the Russian Petrochemical Industry from Being Renamed as Petrochem Fze

In the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia announced it had decided to rename its petroleum industry to PetroChem Fze.However, Russia’s petro chemical industry continues to produce the same old toxic chemicals.The petro chemicals industry, which is estimated to produce around 3.7 trillion cubic feet of CO2, is the largest single source of global CO2 emissions and is […]

How to stop chemicals from poisoning your pets

The chemicals that you put in your pet’s food, bath and shower are safe and effective, but you’re still at risk for developing an illness, a new study has found.The results of the study, published online in the American Journal of Public Health, also showed that pet owners are getting sicker as a result of toxic chemicals being put in […]

‘We’ve got to take control’: Petrochemists in the Indian city of Chennai warn of a ‘catastrophic’ threat to industry

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.—  “We’ve had our oil refineries in China shut down and our refineries have been shut down, our refiners are running out of refineries, and we’ve had to shut down our pipelines and import our products to keep our business afloat,” said John M. Geddes, president of the San Francisco-based petrochemical conglomerate Petrox Energy.“That’s a big problem for […]

‘I’m Not a Scammer’: ‘Petrochemical Jobs Are Not Scamming’

Petrochemicals company Sahara Petrochemical Company said in a statement to Vice News that it has a history of making petro-chemical jobs available to the public.“Petrochemistry is one of the world’s largest chemicals manufacturing businesses and is a highly profitable business.We have long sought to make our customers’ jobs as rewarding and rewarding as possible,” Sahara said in the statement.“However, the […]