Petrochemical driver, chemical operator share stories of ‘incredible’ work days

Petrochemical driver, chemical operator share stories of ‘incredible’ work days

In this video, you can watch two petrochemicals drivers from a petro chemical company explain how they manage their schedule and time to complete projects.

Petrochemical Driver:Daryl DankerThe petro chemicals driver in the video was working 12-hour shifts on a daily basis and needed to complete one or more projects a day.

Daryl explained that his work schedule would consist of a few hours off on Monday to Tuesday, and another hour or so on Thursday to Friday.

The following Monday he would then work two-hour days, then two-and-a-half-hour hours on Saturday, and so on.

As a result, Daryl would spend three to four days on a project each day.

“I have to work hard to get through it and get a job done.

I would do that for a month straight, but I would also go home and get drunk and do drugs,” he said.”

It’s exhausting, you know?

I do it because I want to.

I want the project done, and I don’t want to stop,” he added.

He said he did it all for a living, but it was stressful and hard.

“You’re on a constant quest to be the best.

You’re trying to do everything right,” he told us.

“I would always try to go home with a good night’s sleep.

It’s not like I could get up and go to work.””

It really is the best thing in the world, man.

It really is,” he concluded.


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