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Petrochemical inspection: Are petrochemical inspections necessary?

Petrochemical inspection: Are petrochemical inspections necessary?

Posted October 03, 2018 12:27:08Petrochemically inspected vehicles, equipment and containers are subject to stricter inspection requirements than their non-petrochemical counterparts, and it is possible to find violations of these regulations that could affect a vehicle’s driving record and driving privileges.

There are two types of inspection requirements: standard and specialized.

The standard inspection requirement applies to a vehicle when the inspection is performed by a licensed and regulated company.

The specialized inspection requirement is for inspection of a vehicle at the request of a law enforcement agency.

For standard inspections, a company must inspect the vehicle at least twice in a two-month period, in a facility equipped with a state-approved inspection program and at least once at a location other than a dealership.

A vehicle that is found to have non-compliance with the inspection program is subject to a fine of up to $500.

For specialized inspections, the inspection of the vehicle is performed at a licensed facility with a certification program that includes an independent third-party review of the inspection results and a certification that the company is authorized to perform the inspection.

The inspection is done under the supervision of a licensed agent and the vehicle has to be kept in a clean, sanitized condition.

The company must also notify the owner of the violation within 30 days of receiving a written report that states that the violation has been fixed and the violation was discovered.

If the company does not notify the owners within 30 minutes, the violation will be repaired or remedied at no charge.

A vehicle that fails to comply with a specialty inspection is subject the maximum fine of $750.


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