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Which countries are investing in clean energy?

Which countries are investing in clean energy?

An article in the Indian Express (in Hindi) on Tuesday, titled Which countries invest in clean technologies?

, asked: Which countries, if any, invest in the clean technologies that will make their cities and towns greener?

The answer is India, with some notable exceptions.

According to a Google News query, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is about $16,000, and the country has about 9.5 million people.

In the last year, India has invested $10 billion in clean technology startups.

While some of these projects have been small and underperforming, the government has been looking for ways to make the country more attractive for the private sector.

In 2016, it launched the Indian Clean Energy Technology Accelerator to accelerate clean technology investment in India, and this year the government announced the India Clean Energy Venture Fund.

According a report by The Hindu, this fund has been launched with the aim of financing up to 100 clean energy companies in India.

This fund, which is part of the government’s Clean India campaign, is designed to make investments in clean tech projects in India in order to help them scale and attract investments from the private and public sectors.

The fund has already awarded over $500 million in grants to more than 120 clean tech companies, mostly in the US and Europe, to develop clean technology projects.

The government also has a plan to launch a $100 million clean energy fund for the state of Tamil Nadu, which has a large population of poor farmers and rural workers.

“This fund will help small and medium enterprises to make their investments in the green tech sector in the state,” an official of the state government told The Hindu.

The initiative is part, however, of the country’s ambitious drive to transform itself as a global clean energy hub, where the country plans to become a global leader in solar energy.


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