When I was in high school I was fascinated by the sun, I was really interested in chemistry. Now that I’m in my 40s, I’m interested in solar energy and climate change, and I have to be careful about what I’m putting out there. I’ve been talking to some friends about this stuff, and some of them have some money and some are really struggling to get by, and that’s very concerning to me.

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How China is driving the global supply chain

As China ramps up its use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, analysts are turning to a new question: Who is doing the driving?A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) shows that China has a significant role to play in driving global supply chains.According to the NASEM, China’s pesticide use is more than double that […]

The Case Against Petrochemical Indonesia: Why Indonesia’s Chemical Industry is the Worst in the World

The country’s chemical industry is a major economic engine, powering a $1.8 trillion economy and contributing to more than 1.3 million jobs.Indonesia’s massive hydrocarbon industry generates about 40% of the country’s output, making it a top export destination.It’s also the most profitable in Southeast Asia, with an average profit margin of 23% during the past decade.Its state-owned Petrochemical Independiente, or […]

How to get the biggest petrochemical haul of the year: How to buy petrofuels from Haldia

Total petro-chemicals producer Haldias Petrochemics is currently producing over 2 million tonnes of petroelectricity, and it has been making a lot of money on the process.According to Haldias chief executive, he has sold a huge amount of petropollution in recent months.“We have a huge production capacity in Haldios and in our production facilities we are getting more than 100,000 tonnes […]

The Dubai Petrochemical Job Report is Alive!

1.Petrochemicals in Dubai: $3.6 billion 2.Petrochemists in Dubai working on a petro chemical project: $1.9 billion 3.Petroleum refining in Dubai, Dubai: 1.9 bn 4.Petrol refining in the UAE, Dubai, UAE: $4.3 billion 5.Petros in Dubai refinery: $5.3 bn 6.Petric products, petroleum products in the Middle East: $2.7 billion 7.Petrocollins, petrol-oil refineries in the Gulf: $9.7 bn 8.Petrogen and other petro […]

How to make your own sun-based petro chemicals

The best way to make petro-chemical free sun-grown fertilizers is to use a sun-friendly method.The trick to doing so is to avoid using sun-absorbing fertilizers that have an unpleasant chemical taste or smell.The best option is to make a petro chem.There are several sun-fertilizing fertilizers available on the market, and many have a similar chemical taste.Some of them are sun-stable […]