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A rare photo of a Tasmanian tiger shows its incredible powers

A rare photo of a Tasmanian tiger shows its incredible powers

A photo of the elusive Tasmanian Tiger has gone viral.

The photo was posted on Instagram and shows the animal’s incredible strength and agility.

“The tiger was taken in Tasmania’s remote Northern Territory in June, after being trapped by a human in a bush,” the post read.

“It had been hiding from the sun for months and was finally spotted by a hunter who brought it back to the area.”

They gave it to a local resident, who brought him a fresh coat and some food and gave it away to the local community.

“Tiger in the bushTiger was first spotted in Tasmania by a local hunter.

The photograph has gone on to be shared on social media and has been viewed nearly two million times.”

Tigers have great eyesight and are very agile.

It is very rare for a tiger to be spotted by people, even if they are in the area,” the ABC reports.”

A person would have to be quite close to the tiger, to capture a photo of it.

“Tigers are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and are prohibited from being traded for the purpose of “industrial development”.

The Tasmanian government has said that the tiger is an iconic animal and a key tourist attraction.

The Tasman Department of Primary Industries says it will be looking into how to protect the animal and the hunters who took the photo.”

Our conservation officers are in contact with the person who took this photo and we will be contacting them to investigate,” a spokesperson for the department said.”

We appreciate the support of the Tasmanian Government for this important conservation.

“The tiger is believed to be about 15 years old and was found in an area near Wudu in northern Tasmania’s Kurnell region in June.”

These animals are a rarity in the wild and we hope that these photos help people to understand the unique beauty and unique characteristics of this unique species,” the spokesperson said.

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