Grangemouth is hoping for a quick turnaround after the Fukushima disaster

Grangemouth is hoping for a quick turnaround after the Fukushima disaster

By JAY NGUYENAThe Grangewater Grangest of the petro chemical plant complexes in the southern Philippines has seen its share of the financial fallout following the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The Grangeemouth plant in Manali province has already been shut down since the accident at the Fukushima plant in Japan, as the country has been struggling to recover from the aftermath of the disaster.

However, the plant, located in the same province, has been spared from the full brunt of the fallout of the Fukushima accident and has been receiving help from the Philippines.

It has been able to stay open even though it has been closed for a few weeks and has continued to operate despite being in a closed environment for some time, said Raul Aranda, a senior manager at the Grangewater Grangests Petrochemical Plant Complex (PGPCC).

The facility has also been able the take in about $1.5 million in donations and about $250,000 in donations from the public, he added.

According to Aranda’s statement, the PGPCC had received about $3.5 billion worth of donations from more than 300 countries during the month of August.

“We are confident that we will have a smooth and safe return to business as usual in just two to three weeks,” Aranda said.

The facility is one of several that were shut down following the disaster in Japan.

The others include the Grangemouth facility in the Philippines and the Grangoepo plant in the south of the country.

Grangemouth was established in 1946 as a petro-chemical plant.

Manali was established as a coal mine in 1946.

After the accident, Grangeown was taken over by the Grampaest group of companies.

It was later sold off to the Grapanest group.

While it was not immediately clear how many of the Granges were affected by the disaster, the facility has been dealing with financial hardships ever since.

The plant has been in a state of emergency since April 10, and its operations have been temporarily shut down, Aranda explained.

In addition to the closure of the plant and the shutdown of operations, the Philippines has imposed a strict curfew on the area, and a ban on the transport of pets in and out of the area.


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