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How BP’s Petrochemical Plant Process Was a Big Bet

How BP’s Petrochemical Plant Process Was a Big Bet

The petro chemical plant was a big bet on the U.S. oil and gas boom.

BP was the biggest investor in petro, and it invested $40 billion in the company, which produced petroleum products like diesel and jet fuel.

But it also had an interest in the chemical plant.

The petro plant was originally slated to be a single-stage facility, but it was modified into a multi-stage plant, where BP was able to control the mix of chemicals and equipment that went into making the product.

The PetroChemicals plant was in the same location, but was designed to produce more than 500 million gallons of fuel per day.

That’s a lot of fuel, and BP thought it would have a big impact on the world economy.

The plant is now in the process of being converted into a new petro complex, called the PetroGas Plant.

It’s still not clear how much the company is paying BP for the petro chemicals, but BP expects that the deal will be worth $8 billion.

It will produce fuel at the Petros Gas Plant, a project that has been going on for 20 years.

BP also owns a stake in the petroglyphs company, and the company was recently awarded a patent for a new technology for making petro materials.

The U.K. is also working on a petro-chemical plant, and has already purchased an initial stake in Petro Chemical, according to Bloomberg.

The price tag for BP’s petro facility in the U, and petro in general, was a huge bet.

The company is still paying BP, which is also paying off its debt.

The petroglies plant is currently worth around $3.5 billion.

BP is paying off $8.7 billion in bonds that were issued in 2008.

It has $9.2 billion in debt on its balance sheet, which it has $4 billion in cash and $3 billion in marketable securities.

The total debt and cash balance is $24.9 billion.

That means BP has about $9 billion left over from the Petrol Deal.

The deal has not been finalized yet, and may never be.

BP says it’s considering whether to sell off its assets, or put the petros plant up for sale.

It may be too early to tell whether the deal is worth the price.


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