How to spot the toxic fumes at petro chemicals processing plant

How to spot the toxic fumes at petro chemicals processing plant

The chemical company Petrochem, which makes petro chemical equipment and supplies, has come under fire for its use of chemicals at its plant in Heurteie in the French Guiana province of Algiers.

The plant is owned by France’s Petroleo Brasileiro SA and is being investigated for potential contamination by heavy metals.

A French environmental group is also investigating the matter.

Petroleos plant is a major source of heavy metals used in industrial manufacturing.

The company said that it has a strict monitoring and control plan in place.

However, some workers have reported that their lungs are feeling badly.

In July, workers at the plant began experiencing breathing difficulties after inhaling fumes that were coming from the Petroleoes waste management facility.

According to reports from French media outlets, some of the workers had suffered severe headaches and asthma attacks.

On Wednesday, Petroleous announced a voluntary recall of the plant’s toxic substances.

In a statement on Wednesday, the company said the issue was “one of respect” and said that its safety measures have been implemented.

The Petroleoso plant is located on a major road that connects Algier with the coastal city of Dijon.

It is not known whether the fumes were actually the toxic chemicals, or if they were the fumes that came from the waste management facilities.

French authorities have launched an investigation into the situation.

Petrochemical company Heurty Petrol, which is owned jointly by French and German companies, also operates a petro refinery in the province of Guadeloupe.

It was not immediately clear how the toxic substance found at the refinery was coming from.

The Heurts’ statement said that Petroleol had also launched a review of its chemical facilities, including a “clean-up operation”.

French media reports said that some workers were still suffering from respiratory problems.

Petrol is the largest petro refining and processing company in the world.

It has plants in France, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands and Spain.

The country is in the midst of a severe drought, which has left thousands of hectares of farmland unproductive and left farmers unable to feed their animals.

The European Union has been warning that the situation could worsen.

On Friday, France and Germany signed a deal for a massive oil-drilling project in the country.

It will pump nearly 830 million barrels of oil a day from the Niger River Delta.


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