Oil-industry group seeks U.S. EPA’s approval of new refinery in Turkey

Oil-industry group seeks U.S. EPA’s approval of new refinery in Turkey

The U.N. Development Program, which regulates the global petroleum industry, has approved the construction of a new refinery for Sinopec Petrochemical Complex in the northern Turkish city of Diyarbakir.

The project, expected to start construction in 2020, will increase the number of plants to 10 and will also add additional capacity to the existing Sinopego refinery in Diyarabakir, according to a statement from the U.K.-based Development Program.

The new SinopEC refinery will be located on the same land as the existing one, which is located in the city of Konya, where the Sinopek refinery was built.

The SinopEGC refinery is the largest new refinery proposed for Turkey and could lead to the construction and sale of up to 1 million barrels per day of natural gas from Sinopeco, the statement said.

Sinopecto will supply nearly 50 percent of Sinopech’s natural gas imports and will be the largest supplier of natural-gas to the European Union, according the statement.

The statement also said that Sinopepec is committed to maintaining a high quality and environmental standard in the construction, operation, and maintenance of the refinery, adding that “this commitment has been demonstrated by the project’s ongoing safety record.”

The Sinosopec plant will be operational for the next five years.

The U,N.

development program is a U.J. organization that promotes development of energy and other resources, and it has been an influential voice for development in energy and energy security since the early 1990s.

Sinosource and Sinopemec, two of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies, have been the targets of multiple lawsuits and other legal actions from governments, environmental groups, and others, with the lawsuits resulting in the company having to pay billions of dollars in settlements.

Sinapec is a major shareholder in Sinopropic, which produces ethylene, the main ingredient in the oil-petroleum product ethylene propylene.

The company has also been a target of several investigations and sanctions, including by the U,S.

Treasury Department and the U.,S.

International Trade Commission.

Sinomec has also faced several investigations.

A U.L.T. investigation concluded that Sinosipec had violated the terms of the 2009 contract that gave it the right to develop a second refinery in Konyasir province in the northeast of Turkey, in violation of the terms, the UL.

A. said.

The investigation also concluded that the company had not fulfilled its obligations under the contract.

Sinocom, which also owns the Sinapek refinery in the southern province of Van, is a partner in the Sinosoye Group, which includes Sinopex, Sinopewo, Sinapego, and Sinoye.

The two companies were involved in a separate project that resulted in the expansion of Sinosor, which was the largest refinery project in the world at the time.

The companies are also in negotiations with other energy companies, including the Chinese state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation.

Sinasource was a defendant in the U-N.

investigation into the company’s handling of the Baku gas deal.

The lawsuit was the first in a long line of cases involving Sinosources oil and its dealings with Azerbaijan.

A separate investigation by the Turkish government into the case concluded that at least $1 billion was stolen from Sinosat, a Turkish company.

In addition, the Turkish company has been fined and has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to settle criminal cases brought by the Justice and Development Party and others against it.

In the lawsuit, Sinospec claimed that it had not been given sufficient information about the project and had not made the necessary environmental studies.

The government said it has conducted a thorough environmental impact assessment of the project.

Sinopol and Sinosodex have been cooperating with the UJ and its investigators, according a statement by the development program.

The development program was established in 2000 under the Ujiri-Kurdish government to address the “deteriorating global environment of the oil and natural gas sector” by promoting sustainable development of resources.

In a statement, the development group said it had conducted more than 50 reviews in its two years of existence and received “over 20,000 comments” on its proposals.

It added that the project was approved by the relevant authorities and was “ready to move forward with a commercial-scale project.”

A number of projects in the energy sector have been approved or are in the process of approval by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


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