U.S. officials: Syrian chemical weapons have been found in Syria

U.S. officials: Syrian chemical weapons have been found in Syria

A senior U.N. official says the Syrian government is supplying chemical weapons to the opposition, in an apparent violation of U.V.A. arms embargo.

U.K. ambassador to the United Nations, Matthew Rycroft, said in a statement Saturday that the weapons were found at a storage facility in Syria, but did not provide details.

The U.R.S., a key ally of the Syrian regime, has denied the allegations.


weapons inspectors have been unable to determine the provenance of the weapons.

The Syrian government says its weapons are for use against rebels and foreign agents.

The chemical weapons were seized in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib in September, but no Syrian opposition groups or Western governments have confirmed any use of the chemical weapons.

In addition to the chemical, Rycroft said that the United States and its allies had delivered weapons to Syrian government forces in the past.

The rebels seized control of the province of Hama last year, and the U.W. and other Western countries have said they will support a U.L.N.-brokered ceasefire to end the conflict.

But Western governments, including the U


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