When Essar Petrochemical & Petrochem announced that they would stop using coal, the world cried

The world was stunned.

The world mourned.

The coal industry had been thrown into turmoil.

Coal plants were shutting down.

The economy was on the brink of a depression.

Coal was now the world’s largest export.

Now the coal industry was ending, and the coal mine shut down too.

A coal mine in Wyoming.

Coal’s future was in doubt.

But now the coal company was announcing it was going to stop using a fossil fuel for power plants in the U.S. and Canada.

It was called “Renewable Energy.”

The press released a press release saying that they were going to “begin a process to transition our current coal-fired power plants to a new generation of renewable energy technologies that are cleaner, greener, and more cost-effective.”

But the coal companies statement didn’t say what this new technology would be.

The press release did not specify how the new technology was going be developed.

The new technology, they said, was going for a lower carbon price and a lower emissions reduction than the existing coal plants.

That’s not exactly the way the world saw it.

But for the coal mining industry in the United States and Canada, that was the beginning of the end of coal.

The U.K. government was going on the airwaves saying that it would not allow the coal mines to reopen, that the coal was being “deemed toxic.”

The U,S.

government said that coal had to be “cleaned up.”

But, as coal was coming to a close, the U,K.

was getting rid of it as a fuel.

It didn’t have to be a coal-burning plant, because that would be the cost of doing business.

But the U.,S.

had a problem.

Coal used to be the fuel of choice in the mines of the U-K.

The mining industry was the backbone of the economy.

It produced the products that people used every day.

And now, that industry was being shut down.

Coal had been the backbone for over 100 years of the economic success of the United Kingdom.

But today, the coal that the U.-K.

used to make its coal was gone.

Coal production was declining, and coal was getting cheaper.

That was the way it was supposed to be.

It wasn’t about saving coal; it was about creating an economy that could support the production of the world market.

The global economy depends on coal for its viability.

The Chinese economy is dependent on coal.

Coal, of course, is a major source of electricity in China.

China has one of the largest coal reserves in the world.

It also produces a great deal of its own natural gas, and it needs to import a lot of its gas to keep it going.

And it also produces lots of coal, so it is in some ways a “coal country.”

The Chinese government had a plan to try to save coal.

And they had the backing of the Chinese government and a lot to gain from it.

The United States, however, didn’t see coal as the economic engine of its future.

Coal has been in decline for a long time, and for a very long time.

The decline was not caused by the global warming and other environmental problems that people were raising, and not caused, as some people have claimed, by the coal miners being sick, dying, etc. In fact, the decline in coal has been accelerating.

And what’s going on now, the American coal industry, the British coal industry and the Chinese coal industry are all seeing the same thing.

They’re seeing that they can’t make the money they were making with coal, and they can no longer make money with coal.

That is the way their fortunes have changed.

They’ve had to turn to a number of renewable resources, and that’s the way they’re going.

But they can do it only if they keep coal in the equation.

In the last few years, coal mining has been under attack in the Middle East and elsewhere in the global South.

There’s been a lot going on in the South over the past couple of decades.

There has been a huge development in the country of Indonesia.

And in the last year or two, the government in the southern region of Indonesia has taken action to try and put a halt to the mining of coal and other fossil fuels.

The Indonesian government has announced that it will be cutting its carbon emissions by a third over the next five years.

It’s the most aggressive action that the Indonesian government’s taken to date to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.

And the Indonesian coal mining sector, the Indonesian mines, have been under pressure for a while.

They have been facing a very tough time, which is why they’ve been trying to diversify their operations and to make it more attractive for the Chinese companies to come and do business there.

So what are they going to do?

They’re going to try a few different things


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