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When Saudi Arabia’s oil industry is on fire, UAE government looks to Saudi Arabia

When Saudi Arabia’s oil industry is on fire, UAE government looks to Saudi Arabia

The oil giant Saudi Arabia is at the center of a diplomatic row over its use of chemicals in its petro-chemicals industry.

The kingdom is under international sanctions, which include restrictions on imports.

Saudi Arabia has been accused of using the chemicals to make its own chemical weapons and to produce drugs.

In a letter to the U.N. Security Council, Saudi Arabia called the use of chemical agents against its own people “an unacceptable violation of international humanitarian law.”

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been at the forefront of the Saudi campaign, which has resulted in at least 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries in Saudi-controlled Yemen.

The U.S. has expressed concern about the use, saying that the use violates international law and human rights.

The UAE is one of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Republic’s key allies in the Middle East.

The two countries have been at odds since the 1979 revolution, when Saudi Arabia ousted the Saudi monarchy and took control of parts of the country.

Since then, the two countries fought a brutal proxy war in Yemen, which claimed more than 10,000 lives.

Saudi-UAE ties have also soured, with Riyadh backing a Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen that has killed hundreds of civilians.

The war has strained relations between the two sides.

The Saudis and the UAE have also engaged in a bitter dispute over the disputed Strait of Hormuz, a major shipping route that links Asia to Europe.

The dispute has also pushed the U, the United States and other countries to take aggressive action to prevent the Strait of Horn from becoming a conduit for illicit commerce.

A Saudi-built oil refinery is seen in the central Saudi city of Jeddah, on March 18, 2019.

The U.K.-based Oil Change International has called the war in the region “one of the most dangerous events of the 21st century.”

It said in a statement last year that the conflict in Yemen had created a “significant and growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.”

The U and the U!

nations are fighting a war that could destabilize the region.

The situation in Yemen has been deteriorating for years, according to the organization, which includes more than 500 organizations that represent more than 180 million people.

As part of the diplomatic campaign, the UAE has been holding rallies in cities across the country in support of its claim to the Gulf.

Saudi Arabia has said that its forces are targeting al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen and that the Saudis are not targeting its citizens.


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