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Which is better for India’s petrochemical industries?

Which is better for India’s petrochemical industries?

By M.S. Nair, The Associated PressA manila petro-chemical splitting plant near Manali, India, has been awarded the top prize for best technology by the National Academy of Engineering in a contest for technology that could help India’s booming petro chemicals industry.

Nathan J. Nambiar of the Indian Institute of Science-led National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology said the winner is the petrocopper-based splitter at the company’s Manali plant, which has already received a $3.7 million grant from the Indian government to improve its efficiency.

A petro chemical splitter can capture petro compounds that are dispersed from a refinery and split into a number of different compounds.

It can also reduce the size of the refinery, and also cut pollution and carbon dioxide emissions by reducing the amount of chemicals needed to run the refinery.

The plant also can use energy-efficient equipment to reduce the need for maintenance, reducing its carbon dioxide footprint.

The splitter was built to reduce emissions by about one-third.

Nambiar said petrocosms were often mixed with heavy metals and other impurities and are difficult to treat.

“They are often toxic,” he said.

“It’s like the solution to a problem that was not designed for a solution.”

The winner is expected to be announced next week.


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