How to stop a massive fire in Louisiana: The worst industrial fire ever reported

How to stop a massive fire in Louisiana: The worst industrial fire ever reported

By now, you have probably seen the news stories about the devastating fires that engulfed a massive chemical plant in Louisiana last week, and have perhaps wondered how the Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, and the entire state government were able to handle this situation. 

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (D) was forced to order an evacuation of his state’s chemical plant because of the huge fire, which claimed the lives of 40 workers and injured more than 100. 

While Jindal is widely recognized as one of the worst governors in the nation, it is clear that he has a penchant for the use of the death penalty. 

Jindal was fired from the Governor’s Office of the Environment in February, after being involved in a traffic accident that led to a massive accident. 

He was then given the power to fire the state’s police, fire departments, and local law enforcement. 

On Tuesday, a federal judge condemned Jasinski’s decision, saying that the fire at the Louisville-Jefferson Parish Chemical Plant was the largest in the United States at the time of its construction. 

The fire killed 40 people and injuries were incalculable. 

It took more than a week to get to the bottom of this fire and its impact, according to a new report by the Associated Press. 

A complicated environmental disaster is not a minor issue for a major state. 

We need to learn from the failure of states to manage the risk of fires and make sure our environment is protected from fire. 

However, we can do more to prevent a fire in the future than we can right now. 

As the fire raged, the flames started on the roof of a factory, a structure that could be the most vulnerable part of the building. 

In accident reports from local news outlets, reports indicated that a fire was intentionally started in the factory, which was being used as a warehouse for manufacturing chemicals for products such as paint and oil. 

If this fire started from the roof, it could be accidental and it would be a disaster for the entire plant. 

What did the lady at the plant see? 

According to a report from the New York Times, The owner of the factory told the New York Post that he saw the flames at about 8:00 p.m. 

And he heard a loud explosion and saw a large fire coming from the factory. 

When the fire started, he saw flames and heard a burning pink colored bluish-gray like a burnt skin. 

There were flames right in front of him and he saw a line of fire and flames in the factory and a large blaze was coming from it. 

That fire burned for about 20 minutes before it doused the entire factory.

 The fire is still burning inside the building and is still pursuing outwards on the roof of the factory. 

 The fire could have been contained within minutes but it took hours for the firefighters to arrive and the firefighters were not on scene until about 10:00 am. 

This is the second time in a week that a chemical plant has been destroyed by a massive fire. Last week a huge fire sparked when the owner of a chemical plant in Pennsylvania was trying to clean up after the chemicals that had been spilled in a gas leak. 

So we need to stop the  fire and make sure that it never runs into another chemical plant again. According to the Associated Press, “The fire was so large and burning so much that the company was forced to abandon the plant, leaving hundreds of employees homeless. 

Two days later, the plant reopened. But this is one of many incidents in which a company has failed to adequately secure a warehouse or have adequate inspection in place. 

Even before the


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