Japan’s nuclear plants: Nuclear energy firms, analysts discuss key sectors

Japan’s nuclear plants: Nuclear energy firms, analysts discuss key sectors

Nuclear power is one of Japan’s biggest export industries, accounting for a third of total exports.

The country has also been a leading exporter of industrial chemicals, such as paint, paint strippers, rubber and cement, as well as chemicals used for building plants and for plastics and metals manufacturing.

Analysts say Japan’s export sector is also growing at an impressive rate and that it will be critical to address the nuclear industry’s future. 

In recent years, the government has tried to diversify the industry’s exports by creating new export-oriented industries, including petro chemical, plastics and automotive manufacturing. 

In 2016, the National Diet approved the creation of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission to develop and manage the nation’s nuclear industry.

This agency will have a major role in the planning and design of the country’s nuclear power plants, including those located in the northern regions of Hokkaido, Okinawa and the central regions of Honshu and Fukushima. 

 In 2018, the nuclear sector is expected to be worth about $10 billion, according to a report by the Tokyo-based research firm Nippon Electric Power Research Institute (NEPRI).

In 2020, the Japanese government will launch the 2020 Nuclear Power Plan, which will focus on nuclear power and other energy-related projects, such the planned construction of new nuclear plants. 

A recent survey conducted by the government showed that 57% of the respondents believed that nuclear power should be an important sector in the country.

The poll showed that 77% of those surveyed were concerned about nuclear power’s pollution and safety, and 73% said that nuclear energy’s pollution is harmful.


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