Tesla wants to use gas-powered cars for its electric fleet

Tesla wants to use gas-powered cars for its electric fleet

A new report from a Tesla subsidiary has shed light on how Tesla is considering using gasoline powered vehicles for its fleet.

The automaker is in the process of designing, building, and testing a fleet of vehicles that will eventually be able to drive themselves to the edge of the Solar System.

The Tesla report, written by the automaker’s Vice President of Electric Vehicle Research, says the company is also studying using gasoline-powered vehicles in other ways.

The goal is to “reduce the carbon footprint of electric vehicles to an unprecedented degree,” and Tesla is exploring ways to reduce its carbon footprint through electric propulsion, the report says.

“The current vehicles we are testing are a small fraction of the total fleet of over 250 million vehicles that the Tesla Model S is currently delivering,” the report said.

“If Tesla were to use this same strategy, its entire fleet of more than 3,200 vehicles would need to be electric by 2050.”

Tesla’s plan to use gasoline powered cars in its fleet could make it one of the first automakers to use the technology in its vehicles.

In fact, a Tesla spokesperson told Ars that Tesla is working on an electric vehicle that could “take off and land vertically” and could “disrupt or reduce the demand for freight by 50 percent or more.”


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