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Which is the worst thing that happened to China’s petrochemists?

Which is the worst thing that happened to China’s petrochemists?

Petrochemical giant Honam Petrochem is accused of widespread bribery, bribery and embezzlement, and it’s going to be a while before we know the truth.

According to an investigation by Bloomberg News, Honam has been accused of stealing $4 billion in bribes, embezlement and kickbacks from China’s biggest petro-chemical conglomerate, PetroChina, as part of an effort to avoid paying billions of dollars in US sanctions and a trade war with the United States.

PetroChina has been the target of a US Department of Justice investigation since 2015, and the investigation uncovered widespread misconduct by the company.

The investigation has not yet resulted in charges against any of the individuals who allegedly benefited from the alleged wrongdoing.

The investigation also found that PetroChina has repeatedly paid bribes to officials at the State Department and at the U.S. Treasury Department, and that the company has paid more than $10 billion to individuals in exchange for favorable government decisions.

The report said the payments were made through companies controlled by Honam and its affiliates.

The Associated Press reported that a PetroChina executive said in a statement that the charges were part of a concerted campaign to “disrupt” HonamPetrochem’s efforts to sell a new petro chemical to the Chinese government, according to Bloomberg News.

“The company has been committed to cooperating with the investigation and has taken steps to ensure that all relevant evidence is brought to light,” the statement said.

The allegations against PetroChina stem from a 2016 investigation by Reuters that uncovered a range of wrongdoing by PetroChina’s executives and a former employee.

In 2016, Reuters identified Honam as the source of allegations that PetroChem’s business was under scrutiny, including bribery and kickback schemes.

The AP reported that the investigation into Honam was launched after PetroChina was accused of using sham business relationships with Chinese government officials to conceal a massive trade war.

The Reuters investigation led to a lawsuit against Honam in 2015 by the American Civil Liberties Union and other legal groups, and a criminal complaint in 2016 by the Justice Department’s criminal division.

Honam pleaded guilty to charges of bribery and making false statements to the government, and is currently awaiting sentencing in the case.

In the report, Bloomberg said that in 2017, the Justice Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission filed a civil complaint against HonomPetroChem in a case filed by the Department of Treasury, which alleges that Honam violated antitrust laws and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by using sham companies and bribery to obtain favorable government decisionmaking.

The complaint alleges that in addition to allegedly paying bribes to senior officials in the U: Department of State, Honams company paid $1.2 billion to PetroChina executives and another $800 million to U.K. officials.


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