When will the UAE ban petroleum products from Saudi Arabia?

An official from Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil company that controls the kingdom’s largest crude export market, told Reuters in a statement that the Saudi government is not planning to block the import of petroleum products into the kingdom.Petrochem Saudi Arabia, which has been accused of human rights violations in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region, has repeatedly […]

Which chemicals to avoid and how to avoid them

More than 40 chemicals are in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s petrochemicals handbook that are known to be toxic.But the list is getting longer, and some of the chemicals have been around for decades, so it’s not easy to keep track of the latest and greatest in a single document.Here’s a roundup of the best chemicals to be avoided […]

Russian-made chemicals found in Crimea

By Caroline GlaserCNN.com February 27, 2019 12:15:59Russian-made chemical agents used in the annexation of Crimea have been found in the region, the U.S. Embassy said on Friday.Ukraine and Western powers are seeking to bring the peninsula back under Russian control, as it was under Moscow before it joined the EU in 2014.The U.N. Security Council last month approved the draft […]

How to Buy Gas in Dubai, Emirates and Petrochemical Jobs

The U.S. State Department has listed Dubai as one of the most polluted cities in the world, with almost 50 percent of the population reporting health problems.Petrochemical plants in Dubai and the UAE, the world’s largest petro chemical production, have become a hot spot for human rights activists.The U.N. Working Group on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in the Processing […]

Iran to export petro chemicals to UAE

DEHRADUN, Turkey — Iran is set to export to the United Arab Emirates petro chemical plant a mixture of petro compounds that could be used to produce synthetic and medicinal substances, a government official said Thursday.A senior government official told The Associated Press that Iran would supply UAE’s petro Chemical Engineering Company with the petro substances and also the materials […]

Which is the largest petro chemical complex in the world?

An article by Medical News Now shows the world’s largest petros chemical complexes (Petrochem) are in Egypt, which produces over 50% of the worlds petro chemicals.The Petrochemical Free Cosmetics category includes cosmetics and skin care products which are widely considered to be free of the toxic chemical known as petro, commonly called the heartland petros.Petro is an organic chemical, which […]

Petrochemical inspection: Are petrochemical inspections necessary?

Posted October 03, 2018 12:27:08Petrochemically inspected vehicles, equipment and containers are subject to stricter inspection requirements than their non-petrochemical counterparts, and it is possible to find violations of these regulations that could affect a vehicle’s driving record and driving privileges.There are two types of inspection requirements: standard and specialized.The standard inspection requirement applies to a vehicle when the inspection is […]

What is petro chemicals?

article A quick glance at the top 50 petro chemical journals reveals that there are nearly a dozen that offer articles and discussions on a variety of topics.Most of these are focused on chemicals that have been found to be useful in human health and medicine.These chemicals include the most common ones, like sodium hypochlorite and methylparaben, as well as […]


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