How to make the perfect petrochemical insulation

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “petrochemical” used as a synonym for “gasoline”.So how does it work?If you’ve ever driven on a busy freeway, you know that the exhaust is a pretty thick black cloud that sucks in air from every direction, trapping the air inside.In order to make a vehicle more aerodynamic, the air can be compressed and […]

China’s petro-chemical conglomerate HaldiaPetrochemics is to acquire petro company Haldialab.

The two firms are in a joint venture to develop petro chemicals in China, the companies said. Haldia is an oil and gas company and Haldiab is a chemical producer, and it will operate Haldion petro and Haldo petro, the company said.Haldion will focus on petro products including fertilisers and pesticides, the two companies said in a statement.In January, the government […]

How to Make a Polystyrene Fabric that’s 100% Water-Treated

TechCrunch article We have been experimenting with polystyrene fabric for some time now, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve made our first fabric that is 100% water-treated.It’s a great product for manufacturing and for industrial use, but there’s a lot more to this fabric than meets the eye.The polystyrenes used in our fabric are made from a polymer that’s […]

The future of coal in Europe

By David LebowitzThe following article first appeared on Next Big Futures.A new report from the US-based Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that, on average, the US will have enough coal in its energy mix to power nearly all of Europe’s population in 2050.In the US, that means we will have nearly twice as much coal as we did in 2010.The […]

How to buy petro chemicals on eBay

Petrochemicals, a chemical company that makes chemicals for the petro industry, has lost its US$9 billion market share and is facing an impending bankruptcy. Petrochemics chief executive officer and former Goldman Sachs trader William Full told Reuters news agency that the company was about to go under, and that it was too soon to comment further.Petrochemical stocks have dropped in the […]

How to spot petro chemical projects

A petro company’s latest venture into the petro industry will likely lead to a flood of chemicals being added to a global supply chain.The new petrodiesel plant in Boubyan, near the capital city of Abu Dhabi, is expected to create a number of jobs, with the majority of the new jobs expected to come from construction and maintenance jobs.Petrochemical giant […]

Which countries are investing in clean energy?

An article in the Indian Express (in Hindi) on Tuesday, titled Which countries invest in clean technologies?, asked: Which countries, if any, invest in the clean technologies that will make their cities and towns greener?The answer is India, with some notable exceptions.According to a Google News query, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is about $16,000, and the country […]

How to stop chemicals from poisoning your pets

The chemicals that you put in your pet’s food, bath and shower are safe and effective, but you’re still at risk for developing an illness, a new study has found.The results of the study, published online in the American Journal of Public Health, also showed that pet owners are getting sicker as a result of toxic chemicals being put in […]

‘We’ve got to take control’: Petrochemists in the Indian city of Chennai warn of a ‘catastrophic’ threat to industry

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.—  “We’ve had our oil refineries in China shut down and our refineries have been shut down, our refiners are running out of refineries, and we’ve had to shut down our pipelines and import our products to keep our business afloat,” said John M. Geddes, president of the San Francisco-based petrochemical conglomerate Petrox Energy.“That’s a big problem for […]


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