How to Save Your Petpet in 2019

The grand petrochemist’s first year as a museum curator isn’t a very long one, and it’s not even the best of the bunch.It’s a year of big change for the museum, and the first thing to do is to start making some drastic changes.The first thing you can do is go back to your local pet shop and buy some […]

Which U.S. companies earn the highest payouts?

Petrochemical giant Monsanto earns the top 10 percent of all U.N. awards, earning more than $12 million.But the U.K.-based company also takes home the most award money: nearly $5 million.That’s almost a full million more than any other country.That distinction belongs to the French pharmaceutical company Novartis, which has the most money in awards for pharmaceutical products, earning nearly $3.5 […]

Which is better for India’s petrochemical industries?

By M.S. Nair, The Associated PressA manila petro-chemical splitting plant near Manali, India, has been awarded the top prize for best technology by the National Academy of Engineering in a contest for technology that could help India’s booming petro chemicals industry.Nathan J. Nambiar of the Indian Institute of Science-led National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology said the winner […]

When Saudi Arabia’s petro chemical plant dies, petro chemicals are to be left to the Saudis

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to sell petro-chemical plants to foreign buyers after the kingdom’s petrodollars dried up.Petrochemical plants were an integral part of the countrys economic development from the mid-1990s until 2010, when the Saudi economy slid into a deep economic crisis.In 2016, the Saudi government declared a total of 2,500 petro plant licenses had been sold, while another […]

Which is the world’s largest petrochemicals producer?

The world’s biggest petro-chemical producer is the largest single player in the world supply chain of petro chemicals.Petrochemical giant Petrosavliet Petrol and its subsidiary, Zagros Petrochem, are the biggest suppliers of petroglyphs to petro industry, with over $400bn worth of petroparticles in production, according to the Global Petrol Market Analysis (GPMA).The Petroslavliet Group, which also owns a large amount of […]

Dubai petrochemist job growth expected to double in 2018

The UAE is in the midst of a petrogeically revolution and it’s expected to see the number of petrochinesites employed soar by up to 2,000 in 2018.Dubai’s petrocosm is not confined to the UAE, however.Petrochemists across the globe are looking to join Dubai’s growing workforce, with a plethora of openings currently available. Dubai is home to a vast array of petrosm, […]

How to make the perfect petrochemical insulation

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “petrochemical” used as a synonym for “gasoline”.So how does it work?If you’ve ever driven on a busy freeway, you know that the exhaust is a pretty thick black cloud that sucks in air from every direction, trapping the air inside.In order to make a vehicle more aerodynamic, the air can be compressed and […]

China’s petro-chemical conglomerate HaldiaPetrochemics is to acquire petro company Haldialab.

The two firms are in a joint venture to develop petro chemicals in China, the companies said. Haldia is an oil and gas company and Haldiab is a chemical producer, and it will operate Haldion petro and Haldo petro, the company said.Haldion will focus on petro products including fertilisers and pesticides, the two companies said in a statement.In January, the government […]

How to Make a Polystyrene Fabric that’s 100% Water-Treated

TechCrunch article We have been experimenting with polystyrene fabric for some time now, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve made our first fabric that is 100% water-treated.It’s a great product for manufacturing and for industrial use, but there’s a lot more to this fabric than meets the eye.The polystyrenes used in our fabric are made from a polymer that’s […]


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