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To upgrade technically and qualitatively and expedite the delivery process of object of contract, JAM PETRO SAZEH ENGINEERING CO. has supplied and set up the machinery of the H - BEAM mechanized lines in accordance with the world’s up-to-date technologies. These fully - advanced lines can produce steel and special structures in compliance with the latest standards of the world in the shortest possible time.

H-Beam Steel Structure Production Line

CNC Cutting Machine

This machine has various automatic cutting peaks and can be programmed for worktables 4 m x 15 m. It can cut all sheets ranging from 5 to 100 millimeters.

H-Beam Auto Assembling Machine

This machine automatically assembles H and I beams and sheets ranging from 200 to 1800 millimeters in height.

Welding Machine

H – BEAM line consists of four submerged arc welding machines that have been designed for welding on H and I sections following the assembly stages. Each machine has a moveable gate with a submerged arc welding unit and a piece holder. It features a welding tracer and collector and holder equipment for welding powder.

Hydraulic Straightening

This machine is used for the wave isolation process of pieces with I and H sections to 60 mm thickness.

3D Drilling Machine

This machine can drill H sections and box on three axes simultaneously at one stage.


This machine throws steel beads and grit toward structure with pressure by 8 special nozzles and the shot - blasting (decolorization) and surface preparation operations are carried out for painting in accordance with ASA1, SAS 2 and SAS3.