How to make petrochemistium in your kitchen

A lot of petrocosms are made by people who have been involved in the petro chemical industry for a long time.They tend to be made by chemists with PhDs or postdoctoral degrees in the field.Some of them also have extensive experience in chemical engineering and other areas.Petrochemists are able to do a lot of the chemical engineering work, and they […]

What the experts say about the petrochemicals plant construction controversy

Petrochemical engineers are facing scrutiny after a federal court in Virginia ruled on Friday that construction work at a petro chemical plant in the western U.S. was unauthorized.A federal judge in Virginia issued a preliminary injunction on Thursday to prevent the construction of the proposed $1.8 billion Petrolia Chemical Plant from moving forward.The court order, which was not immediately available […]

China’s Sinopec to buy a major oil producer in 2018

China’s largest oil producer Sinopek is set to acquire an oil producer and petrochemicals company, sources said on Tuesday, as the country seeks to boost growth in the oil sector.The Sinopeco Group will invest up to $1 billion in Sinopech, the sources said, adding that the deal will allow Sinopex to become China’s top petro-chemical producer and the biggest oil […]

U.S. petro-chemical companies will see billions in new investments after the U.N. resolution, according to analysts

U.K.-based Petrochemical Chemicals and Sadiara Petrochemical Chemical Company announced a new investment of $1.2 billion in Iran to create a $25 billion market-leading petro chemical plant in the country.The investment, which will create jobs in the United States and provide Iran with a critical source of supply, comes as Iran prepares to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Agreement with the United […]

Why is Europe being sold off for petrochemicals?

By Steve HainesThe sale of the EU’s industrial estate for petropulsates is set to become one of the most contentious issues in EU politics ahead of a referendum on the EU treaty next year.EU leaders are under pressure to hold a referendum by the end of 2019 to decide on whether to extend the expiry date of the Lisbon Treaty, […]

When Qatar buys petro chemical company: Emirates chief executive says the deal is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity

QATAR, United Arab Emirates — The petro chemicals company that Qatar has been negotiating with the UAE’s crown prince to buy is one of the largest in the world, with a $200 billion market value, a top executive says.Emirates CEO and CEO of petrochemisty company Aktivio Khatib told CNBC on Monday that the UAE government is a big investor in […]

The Future of the Petrochemical Industry Is Coming Home to Petrol and Petrol Products

Petrol has a long history in the petrochemicals industry. But with the rise of electric vehicles and a new era of cleaner energy, a shift to gasoline is coming.Petrol, which has been the world’s most popular petroleum product for nearly a century, is slowly being overtaken by diesel and gasoline in the fuel supply chain, according to the International Energy Agency. The […]

Why China is going to hell for its coal, gold and other assets

China’s coal industry has been suffering for months.But the country is going down the same road as other major coal producers: it’s just taking on too much debt to finance the massive investments that it has already made to build up the domestic market for coal. And that’s the crux of what’s happening in China’s energy market. The world’s biggest coal producer […]

UK-China gas pipeline deal will cost UK £11.2bn, but will have negative impact on UK industry

FourFourThree A deal between China’s PetroChina and the UK’s National Grid to import petro-chemical and cement from a Chinese firm will cost Britain £11bn and the industry is already feeling the pinch, according to a report.China’s Petro-China has agreed to supply the UK with a 50 per cent share of its cement supply, which will be sold to China’s state-owned […]

‘I’m Not a Scammer’: ‘Petrochemical Jobs Are Not Scamming’

Petrochemicals company Sahara Petrochemical Company said in a statement to Vice News that it has a history of making petro-chemical jobs available to the public.“Petrochemistry is one of the world’s largest chemicals manufacturing businesses and is a highly profitable business.We have long sought to make our customers’ jobs as rewarding and rewarding as possible,” Sahara said in the statement.“However, the […]


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