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 Introducing Managers

Engineer Amir Ebrahimi

CEO & Member of Board of Directors

Hassan Taghvaedeh Dinan

Chairman of the Board

Hosein Tavakoli Irai

Deputy Chairman of the Board

 Message From General Manager

JAM PETRO SAZEH ENGINEERING CO. known as a reputable, committed and legitimate brand is proud of having played a worthwhile role in Iran’s development by designing and compiling development - oriented strategies and the technical and scientific support of its powerful staff in order to transfer technical and engineering services, design and manufacture the parts relating to steel structure for oil, gas and petrochemical industries and high towers, bridges and etc.
The most valuable achievement of this factories group is Customers’ Satisfaction and this company’s superior situation in competitive markets attest to this claim. It is to be hoped that the circumstances required for the flowering and growth of Iran’s manufacture industry will be provided increasingly by retaining attained successes and the quality of products as per the latest qualitative standards and exploiting the world’s up-to-date techniques and equipment.
In the future outlook, we will move on knowledgeably and courageously and resolve firmly to transfer technical and engineering services to the neighboring countries in order to make IRAN renowned once again and arouse scholars’ wonder by assisting each other and relying on the blessing of Almighty God and indescribable perseverance and honesty.
Wishing Iran development and pride
Amir Ebrahimi-General Manager