What you need to know about the petro chemicals industry

The world’s petro chemical industry is a massive global industry, accounting for more than half of global chemical production, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.Canada’s petros exports were valued at $2.3 billion in 2018, with more than two-thirds coming from the United States.Canada exported about $5.8 billion of petro-chemical products in 2018.About 70 per cent of the petros exported […]

Petrochemical Plant Design Revealed at The Museum of Modern Art

A new petrochemistry exhibit, Petrochemicals in America, opens this month at the Museum of the Moving Image.The exhibit, titled PetroChemicals in the Making, is the first to feature the work of three designers and a designer-in-residence.The exhibit, which takes its name from a petro chemical plant in the U.S., is an interactive journey of art that looks at how design […]

How to use the BP petrochems calculator

A petro chemical job in Louisiana is more profitable than a job in Florida.Petrochemists at BP’s Louisiana headquarters are making up to $3,500 per day, plus $200 per hour for any overtime.They’re also required to have at least a four-year experience in petro chemicals, plus two years as a lab technician.That’s on top of the $6.5 million in pay that […]

How to deal with petro chemical waste and petro chemicals in your backyard

By David Weigel, The Washington TimesWashington (CNN) It’s been the biggest challenge for homeowners in rural areas to clean up their own petro waste.The American Petroleum Institute and other major petro-chemical companies have spent millions of dollars lobbying against the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule requiring that petro and chemical waste be treated at least as seriously as hazardous waste.They […]

How to use a carbon monoxide detector to monitor methane emissions from petro chemical plants

Petrochemical emissions of carbon monane have surged in recent years.While a recent government report revealed that petro chemicals are the biggest polluter in the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the rise in emissions from the chemical industry is a big problem for the US.While the US produces around 90% of the world’s petro-chemicals (petrochem) the nation’s emissions are […]

Petrochem inspections: How much are you paying your workers?

Petrochem inspections are taking place across India and the country is bracing for a wave of job losses.Petrochem, India’s biggest petrochemical company, is facing an inspection season in which it could lose more than 20,000 jobs if the government does not increase the minimum wage to Rs 20 per day.According to an estimate by a think tank, about 20,500 people […]

Petrochemical plant to use ‘highly toxic’ liquid for petro chemical production

Petrochemical plants are being ordered to use a liquid containing cyanide to produce petro chemicals, as a precaution after an incident last week at a Petrolia plant in Brazil.A report from the Brazilian National Institute of Environment and the Environment (INEA) said cyanide, a highly toxic chemical, was used for production at the Petrolias plant, which is located in the […]


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