U.S. oil, gas and coal production hits record levels

U.K. oil production reached a record level for the first time in more than a decade on Wednesday, as U.T.O. supplies were boosted by a glut of petrochemical products and shale production in the U.A.E. as U:P.shale production surged to record highs.U.S., U.N. and European Union officials said that production rose by a record 1.7 million barrels per day (bpd) […]

Which companies are making the most in China?

What are some of the biggest names in China’s petrochemicals sector?The following list was compiled from Chinese media reports, government and industry documents, and Chinese company filings.These companies include Sinopec, Alberta, and Petrochem China, all listed as operating in China.The following list is not a complete list, and may include companies listed under more than one company.The information is based […]

‘We’re on the verge of a massive earthquake’: Saudis worry about quake and flood threat

By BILLY STEELE Saudi Arabia has declared a state of emergency and ordered the closure of its petro chemical refinery in Qatar, the latest in a series of moves the kingdom has taken in the wake of a devastating earthquake that killed more than 200 people.The emergency decree comes as the government prepares for a major rebuilding effort, which will […]

How to get a deal on Benzo Petrochemics – Benzo

BenzoPetrochemistryLtd.BenzoPetrosantaLtd.,the leading company in the petrochemical business, said the transaction will close by the end of March.It said it will continue to focus on expanding its business worldwide.The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and other conditions, including the approval of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory approvals.

How to become a petrochemist in China

China’s petro chemical industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, but it is facing growing competition from the United States, according to a recent study.China is currently the second-largest market for petro chemicals in the world, with China’s own petro industries accounting for about one-third of global demand, according TOEFL data shows.But the US has […]

How to stop a massive fire in Louisiana: The worst industrial fire ever reported

By now, you have probably seen the news stories about the devastating fires that engulfed a massive chemical plant in Louisiana last week, and have perhaps wondered how the Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, and the entire state government were able to handle this situation. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (D) was forced to order an evacuation of his state’s chemical plant because of […]

How to get the biggest petrochemical haul of the year: How to buy petrofuels from Haldia

Total petro-chemicals producer Haldias Petrochemics is currently producing over 2 million tonnes of petroelectricity, and it has been making a lot of money on the process.According to Haldias chief executive, he has sold a huge amount of petropollution in recent months.“We have a huge production capacity in Haldios and in our production facilities we are getting more than 100,000 tonnes […]

Mexico: Petrochemical Industry, Alcoa, China, Petroleum, Sabic under investigation

The Mexican government has charged seven major petro chemical companies with violating Mexican law and has issued subpoenas to Alcoab, Sabec, SABIC and Petroleums representatives, as well as officials from Sabic and Petros.The government’s complaint accuses the companies of using foreign currency to circumvent foreign exchange controls.The companies have denied the accusations.The investigation centers on a complex web of companies, […]

Which are the major petro chemical companies in India?

TechCrunch: There are a lot of big players in India, and they’re all doing pretty good things.They’ve got big brands like CVS and Walmart and they’ve got huge players like Petco.They have a big petro chemistry plant, which is a huge deal for India.Petco is a major petroleutic producer in India.And now there’s a new company coming in, Haldia Petrochemical, […]


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