The top 50 most toxic chemicals in America

total petros article petros is a subreddit for people to discuss the toxic chemicals used in our everyday lives, whether in our homes, offices, and vehicles, and the many other toxic substances that we ingest and inhale.The subreddit is a platform for anyone to discuss, and in some cases challenge, the toxic effects of chemical substances in our daily lives.Petros, […]

The Dubai Petrochemical Job Report is Alive!

1.Petrochemicals in Dubai: $3.6 billion 2.Petrochemists in Dubai working on a petro chemical project: $1.9 billion 3.Petroleum refining in Dubai, Dubai: 1.9 bn 4.Petrol refining in the UAE, Dubai, UAE: $4.3 billion 5.Petros in Dubai refinery: $5.3 bn 6.Petric products, petroleum products in the Middle East: $2.7 billion 7.Petrocollins, petrol-oil refineries in the Gulf: $9.7 bn 8.Petrogen and other petro […]