Rohan Mehta Petrochemical Company to acquire Ghadir Chemical Company

A Rohanmehta chemical company has announced that it is buying Ghadira Chemical Company for $9.4 billion in cash.Ghadir is one of the biggest petro-chemical companies in India.Its subsidiary is currently under regulatory and environmental scrutiny.Ghadirel Chemical Company is a private company, which has also been under regulatory scrutiny.The acquisition of Ghadirol is an opportunity to continue its strategic cooperation with […]

China’s Sinopec to buy a major oil producer in 2018

China’s largest oil producer Sinopek is set to acquire an oil producer and petrochemicals company, sources said on Tuesday, as the country seeks to boost growth in the oil sector.The Sinopeco Group will invest up to $1 billion in Sinopech, the sources said, adding that the deal will allow Sinopex to become China’s top petro-chemical producer and the biggest oil […]

When Qatar buys petro chemical company: Emirates chief executive says the deal is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity

QATAR, United Arab Emirates — The petro chemicals company that Qatar has been negotiating with the UAE’s crown prince to buy is one of the largest in the world, with a $200 billion market value, a top executive says.Emirates CEO and CEO of petrochemisty company Aktivio Khatib told CNBC on Monday that the UAE government is a big investor in […]

Which countries are investing in clean energy?

An article in the Indian Express (in Hindi) on Tuesday, titled Which countries invest in clean technologies?, asked: Which countries, if any, invest in the clean technologies that will make their cities and towns greener?The answer is India, with some notable exceptions.According to a Google News query, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is about $16,000, and the country […]