How to build a petrochemical network to compete in a rapidly evolving energy market

By Andrew StavridisPublished August 28, 2019 11:04:33It’s been a long time coming, but the industry is now seeing signs of life in a new petro chemical market: the renewable energy industry.For those not familiar with petro chemicals, they are the most widely used chemical in the world, accounting for roughly one-third of the global market for the chemicals that are […]

Why oil companies are so desperate for oil again

The U.S. and other industrialized nations are pumping more crude oil into the global market as oil prices fall.But the U.K. and the European Union are also looking for the oil they used to get back in the ground.Petrochemical giants Altran and Petroclimat, both based in the United Kingdom, are among those hoping to cash in on the fall in […]

Deepak Petrochem Limited’s Limited Liability Company Formed

The Limited Liabilities Company (LLC) is an entity formed by Deepak Petrochem Limited (DPL) and the Government of India. The company was created under the Act, 1986 to deal with certain issues related to the acquisition and distribution of petroleum and other petroleum products by the State of India under the petroleum and petroleum products (PCPs) Act, 1988. As per the documents […]