How to build an inexpensive heat exchanger from scratch

Petrochemical Industries, which makes heat exchillers for petrochemicals, is working on a new, cheaper type of heat exchiller that it claims will save petrochemist’s money and allow them to sell their product at higher volumes.The new heat exchanging technology, known as a “microfuge,” uses a plastic filter that can be used to filter and filter out a wide range of […]

When a gas is heated, it expands, and as it does, it releases more heat, so it releases a lot more.

Petrol, the world’s second-largest petroleum product, is one of the world´s most-produced fuels.It is also a source of global warming.In fact, petroleum emissions account for more than a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.According to the United Nations, the use of petroleum in the energy sector can cause global warming by up to 20 per cent.Petrol is one reason why […]