How to find the best petrochemicals in Qatar

Petrochemical plants and petro chemicals are among the most expensive commodities to acquire in the world, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar’s government spending millions of dollars on their construction.Now the cost of petro-chemical plants is rising even faster than the price of crude oil. As of July 2016, the cost to acquire a petro chemical plant in the […]

Petrochemical Plant Construction Starts After Gas Leak

Louisiana has had an extremely difficult couple of months.The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Louisiana State Guard were forced to shut down all the local and state-owned petrochemicals plants after a natural gas leak at a petrochemist in Louisiana’s Baton Rouge suburb of New Orleans.The leak forced the evacuation of a half-million people and shut down a major […]

Oil-industry group seeks U.S. EPA’s approval of new refinery in Turkey

The U.N. Development Program, which regulates the global petroleum industry, has approved the construction of a new refinery for Sinopec Petrochemical Complex in the northern Turkish city of Diyarbakir.The project, expected to start construction in 2020, will increase the number of plants to 10 and will also add additional capacity to the existing Sinopego refinery in Diyarabakir, according to a […]

What the experts say about the petrochemicals plant construction controversy

Petrochemical engineers are facing scrutiny after a federal court in Virginia ruled on Friday that construction work at a petro chemical plant in the western U.S. was unauthorized.A federal judge in Virginia issued a preliminary injunction on Thursday to prevent the construction of the proposed $1.8 billion Petrolia Chemical Plant from moving forward.The court order, which was not immediately available […]


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