How oil prices could be a boon for petroenergy producers

Petrochemical industries are being squeezed by the recent price decline of oil, which has plunged to a three-year low.The drop has pushed the world’s largest petrocompany into an uncertain future, as the global market for petrostates, which use petroelectricity to clean up oil spills, is also in flux.The global petro industry was worth $19.2 trillion in 2013, according to the […]

What happens to the world’s petrochemicals?

Sadara Petrochemical Project has been awarded $10 million by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop the Sadara Bio-Processors Advanced Bio-Technology Plant.This plant will be capable of converting natural waste into biofuels at an advanced level.Sadara was founded in 2015 with the goal of using the bio-tech to help reduce carbon emissions.According to the U,Sadara will produce up to 4.5 […]

How to buy petro chemicals on eBay

Petrochemicals, a chemical company that makes chemicals for the petro industry, has lost its US$9 billion market share and is facing an impending bankruptcy.¬†Petrochemics chief executive officer and former Goldman Sachs trader William Full told Reuters news agency that the company was about to go under, and that it was too soon to comment further.Petrochemical stocks have dropped in the […]